Section Leaders and Assistant Section Leaders must complete Essential Information (Module 1) and Tools for the Job (module 3) within 5 months of appointment and meet the remaining training obligations for their appointments, within 3 years of the start of their appointment. Completion of Leader Training is signified by the award of a Woodbadge.

Section Assistants must complete Essential Information (Module 1) and Tools for the Job (module 3) only. There is an option to complete all or any of the leader training modules. Completion of all modules will lead to the award of an appropriate Woodbadge.

Managers and Supporters (GSL’s and Commissioners) must complete Essential Information (Module 1) and Tools for the Job (module 4) within 5 months of appointment and then complete the training for an M&S Woodbadge. Completion of Leader Training is signified by the award of an M&S Woodbadge.

All appointment holder must complete the following e-learning, appropriate to their role, during the 5 months following their appointment.

Module 1 e-learning –

Module 3 e-learning –

Module 4 e-learning –


Details of the training courses, for the various combinations of module courses are run by Hampshire County Training Team, can be found at:

Learning and Validation

All Leader Training must be VALIDATED by a TRAINING ADVISOR appointed by the LOCAL TRAINING MANAGER for the purpose.

The learning for Leader Training can be achieved via a range of methods including prior experience, employment training, e-learning, workbook, DVD, one to one, or formal course. Not all methods are available for all modules. You will agree with your Training Advisor which courses you need to attend, and which courses can be satisfied by other methods.

The premise of Leader Training is:

Learning is Optional Validation is Essential

Once the learning has been completed you will need to complete a number of validation tasks to prove that you can apply the learning. The validation tasks, which are your choice, can be found in the Adult Personal File.

Mandatory Training

From 1st January 2019, every appointment holder, including Executive Members, must complete GDPR training. This is a onetime training requirement.

GDPR e-learning –

Mandatory Ongoing Learning (MOGL)

Depending on the appointment held Leaders, Managers, Supporters and Section Assistants need to complete one or all of the following Mandatory Ongoing.

Safeguarding – e-learning:

Safety – e-learning:

First Aid – see separate entry. (Renewable every 3 years)

First Aid

Every leader must hold an up to date First Aid qualification. The minimum qualification for leaders is First Response which also satisfies the requirements of Module 10 of the Leader Training Programme.

2019 First Aid Courses

If you are fortunate in being able to gain a First Aid qualification through your employer then you may not need to complete a Scout course provided the qualification meets or exceeds the Scout Associations requirements and includes paediatric resuscitation. Guidance on the equivalence of full First Aid Qualifications and First Response is set out in Factsheet FS120052