2nd Farnborough Scout Group

As a Trustee, you’ll join a dedicated team to ensure our Scout Group thrives both now and in the future. One of your key roles will be managing finances responsibly. This includes setting up a reserves policy to ensure we have enough funds, organizing fundraising activities if needed, and creating and sticking to a budget. You’ll also make sure we follow all Scouts policies and relevant laws, such as safety, safeguarding, data protection, and equality. If we have staff, you’ll ensure they’re well-managed according to employment laws, with effective line management in place.

You may also choose to help create our Trustees Annual Report and Statement of Accounts each year, get it audited, and share it with the charity regulator if we’re a registered charity. Organizing our Annual General Meeting (AGM) to keep everyone informed and involved could be another area where you contribute. Additionally, you might look after our buildings and equipment, ensuring everything is well-maintained and properly insured. Keeping a risk register and putting measures in place to handle any potential risks could be part of your role, ensuring we operate safely and efficiently.

Working closely with Lead Volunteers, you can support the charity’s goals and champion our positive volunteering culture. This means encouraging volunteers to understand, reflect on, and apply our values in their teams. You might help keep records of Trustee Board meetings, follow up on agreed actions, and run open processes for appointing new Trustees. If we need specific expertise, you could co-opt Trustees with the necessary skills and seek expert advice on matters like health and safety, finance, and property management. Plus, you might network with other Scouts Trustees to share knowledge and experiences, helping us all learn and grow together.